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25 ก.ค. 2020
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Mr Bean resuscitates a man who's had a heart attack!
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  • Mr Bean taught us a very important lesson: *Life is full of problems and u need to solve it yourself...*

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  • I'm from Vietnam , i love Mr Bean . He is real King of Humor 😂😂

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  • Wow this is bringing back nostalgia I remember I would always watch the cartoon version if mrbean all day after school it was one of th e most important things to me wow it's been a long time

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  • Mr,Ben is great I see your funny videos to refresh my mind

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  • Mr Bean you're the king of comedy and there will be no one as genuine as yourself. Thank you for uploading these episodes, they offer lots of comfort and joy.

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  • No need to use profanity, no need of verbal language and he still makes us enjoy his talent. Love Mr. Bean since childhood. Blessings to you all!

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