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2 ก.ค. 2020
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Where is the bathroom, Bean?!
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  • I like mr bean

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  • The confusing thing is why he doesn't have a bathroom in his hotel room when the rooms are supposed to have bathrooms. Unless that hotel used to be a college with dorms and some rooms had bathrooms and some didn't and the one he had didn't have a bathroom where people who didn't have bathrooms had to share one down the hallway.

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  • Mr. Bean really is the best that bounces the spirit of Mr. Bean

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  • I have been watching you since I was 1 and I am 8 today

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  • A legend that never olds

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  • Whoo still watching this now 2020 1like = 1person

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  • This reminds me of the 90’s growing up watching him on hbo

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  • I am watching you since i was 3 and I'm 14 today... Lots of Love to this Legend who is making us laugh since decades Even my profile pic is yours

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    • @Halima Mohammed 😂🙏🙏

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    • @Halima Mohammed it wasn't my birthday that day.. I meant that it has been a decade watching mr.bean.. Thanksss but 🤗

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    • I know it’s late but happy birthday!

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    • And also only man that made anyone laugh without really speaking

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  • Wow. This ties in well with the other clip I have seen (though that one was uploaded the day after this one).

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  • Me watching mr bean: *laughs so hard* my mum: wait are you okay?

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    • exact thing happened to me 6 years ago . still remember that . My mom was so scared hahaha

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  • this is my favorite episode thoooo!

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  • Mr Bean is so funny

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    • What,Rip?what the hell are you saying,he didn't die!

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  • Huge fan from pakistan... This guy and his humor is forever gold

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  • Mr bean check out you tube channel he just act like you he have a teady olso

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  • Hi mr bean.... M from india n i love your videos n cartoon.... I always watch your videos ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  • so so funny 😂😂

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    • i now that they love bean

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  • Can someone tell me how they have "translated" versions when he doesnt talk? LMAO

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    • But he doesn't talk that much

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    • He does talk

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