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10 ต.ค. 2020
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It's New Year's Eve 1993 and Mr. Bean is excited. He has invited his two best friends Rupert and Hubert over to his flat for a New Year party and is putting the finishing touches on his decorations!
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  • Now. it's 2020, Dear Mr Bean, wish you all the best and thank you for gave me a perfect childhood, be careful yourself:☺ Love from🇨🇳🇨🇳

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  • Never bored watching each episode

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  • If Mr Bean dies ill be so down man he made my childhood awesome

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  • 18:17 oppsss :/

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  • Sad becuz the legend himself past away last year 😥😓😓😭😭😢

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    • He is not dead. Why do you say something like that ?

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  • Mr.Bean you are my childhood idol.

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  • Funny jokes and nice video

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  • I'm! From Indonesia :)

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  • Happy 30 anniversary sir love u always

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  • Rowan sir big fan of u u r the real comedian man really proud of u sir love u always 💓

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  • Best morning exercise in the world

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  • This episode make me want to eat a stick with soysauce

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  • No. Of peoples love Mr. Bean 👇🏻👇🏻

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  • Mr beans covid New Year’s Eve party. Social distancing. lol

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  • The addest thing is mr bean only have 28m

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  • 10:58 genius than einstaine

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  • 13:38 Is funny hahahahahaha XDDDD

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  • Hello How are you Friends

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  • What a great natural laughing action without any words ! Fantastic ! I am a great fan of Mr. Bean since so many years !

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  • Real natural laughing without speaking

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  • Yo I love this dude so much when I’m down or something I watch him and he makes me so happy like I love this dude more then everything🥺

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  • When will be new films?

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  • Mr bean episode change my life Relief my depression anxiety thanks bean 🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭

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  • No one could ever replace MR BEAN! He's a legend!! We love you!! ♥

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  • Mallus ivide come on 👇

  • It matches my birthday we are friends

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  • This man has no haters.........😎😎 Bravo ben

  • 3:22 anyone else heard "bruh" XD

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  • He is a Brilliant man.

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  • You remind me of my childhood days. THANK YOU FOR MAKING OUR CHILDHOOD GREATEST

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  • I love Mr Bean

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  • for all times and all ages.. Mr.Bean episodes are a thorough entertainer

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  • this is most amazing mr.bean show i ever seen . thankyou bean for making us laugh

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  • My childhood & forever comdey king👍🙏😘❤️

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  • 0:27 lapin kultaa?

  • Hello gays i from Indonesian i like mr baen

  • I still watch mister bean even if I'm teenager😂

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  • Bro it was like 22 years ago I guess I am born at 2006...

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  • I watched mr bean 2 years old now to 8 years old

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