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23 ก.ค. 2020
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Bean heads to the park where he plans to have a picnic, but a bee won't leave him alone!
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  • Hi Mr 👋👋 bean

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  • Why aren't there more episodes 😥 MR BEAN IS A COMEDY LEGEND 😂💖

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  • I Like Mr bean👍👍👍👍

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  • Thanks for making me laugh when l was little thanks for helping me

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    • 😂😂😂

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  • Unforgettable legendary character:mr.bean...by an legendary ROWAN ATKINSON😍😍😍😍....I am unlucky that I wasn't born as friend of him who be near to him....may be in next life,I should be best friend of him who enjoys his funny things with him....it's a dreamy thing...but it's my wish... please god🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • 10:55 Nobody: People after fighting link mains in smash.

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  • .....Sexual Revolution 6:39 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Thanks for making me laugh. When I was big

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  • *To The person who's reading it ,,, may your Mom,,Dad live more than 100 years*

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  • what a car to highjack

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    • ....Like Chaplin.

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  • 5:38 & 6:21 the best funny scenes.

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  • Classic Mini Cooper 🚙

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  • Thanks for making me laugh when i was little

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  • The best man and funniest you deserve 1000000000 likes and 1000000000000000 subcribers

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  • 1:23 Putting that masters degree in electrical engineering to use

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  • Heros spend their life for being famous.........but...... Legends (MR.BEAN) took only 15 episodes to be famous ........love you sir

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    • Yeah and he had 2 special movies and he did 1 sport

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  • i love the man he so innocent clever person.

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    • @rinki raaj I think your overdosing on curry

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    • @rinki raaj lol your an idiot 🤣

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    • @Jack Cowan and also you whatever accept or not that is not issue to me who the hell are you .

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    • @Jack Cowan i know i was also being sarcastic to you.

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    • @rinki raaj I was being sarcastic, although I didn't expect you to get it

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  • Legend says Bean still hasn't eaten his cupcake yet

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  • Another legend😁 😁after Sushant Singh Rajput 😔😔. Hit like if both legends are yours favourite

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    • @Sahil Bilal yes

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    • Machm TV. Yeah andmwe can also make a wish for Rowan to be young again too

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  • The man who never said a word but yet his actions and expressions have made him an ideal for everyones laughter.THANKS MR.BEAN😊

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    • Me for 9 year

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  • Verry Very Funny

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    • Yes.. me to... I'm from Kerala, india I'm born in 2001

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