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9 ก.ค. 2020
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Bean has to hop his way to the shoe shop after a slight mishap!
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  • Saya suka sekali dengan film Mr bean,dari kecil aku punya banyak banget kaset semua seri Mr Bean dan hampir setiap hari saya menonton nya dan sekarang pun juga suka menonton mengulang" film nya😅, terimakasih Mr Bean sudah menghibur ku dari waktu aku kecilll sampai sekarang thank youu Mr Bean 🙏,sehat selalu panjang umur dan di berikan kemudahan😇. Salam dari Indonesia 🇮🇩

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  • Wow that was really funny Mr bean put the shoes on top of the car and the driver left with the shoes . Man that was very funny.

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    • Its funny cause its stupid

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  • 0:48 that guy at the right looks like he just spotted a wild wierdo

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  • 🌿Hello!! What sad,but interesting video!! I very like all videos with MrBean!! Many thanks!! Greetings from Lithuania!!🇱🇹

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  • Dear bean, Thanks so much for entertaining us You have been entertaining us since 7 years now We will never forget you dear bean

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  • 555

  • Can they make some new Mr Bean episodes in 2021 please?

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    • @ArifkiA That's a shame. I wouldn't mind an older Mr Bean, would still be hilarious

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    • I'm sorry sir. Mr Rowan didnt play as Mr Bean because he think too older

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  • Yes big up bean

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  • You're still legend❤❤

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  • He taught a very important lesson in life. It is not to depend on others to keep u happy, u can enjoy ur own company to be happy 😌

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